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Meet our Team

Roshana was established in 2018 by our three founders Negar, Nasim and Houra.


Co-Founder and Co-Director

Nasim Peikazadi

Nasim is one of Roshana's three co-founders along with Houra and Negar. She is a PhD candidate in Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her main research interest are migrant integration and identity construction in Canada as well as critical and transformative approaches to teaching and learning. She also has a Master of Education in Arts Education (UBC) and an MA in Art Research (University of Tehran). She has always been passionate about education and has a background in teaching English and arts to children. Nasim is mother of a fabulous 2.5 year old who inspires her by his fresh view of the world and his endless curiosity to experience. Since her immigration to Canada, Nasim has been involved in several community- and arts-based activities. She used to be a member and the VP administration of the HoorAva Persian choir, a member of the UBC-LIU Migration Network and volunteered on several projects with the aim of developing Iranian diaspora community's senses of belonging and connectedness to their now transnational ties. Nasim enjoys listening to audio books and music, watching movies, jogging and doing yoga!

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Co-Founder and Co-Director

Negar Roghanian

Negar is one of our 3 Co-founders at Roshana School (along with Nasim and Houra). She is a Project Manager at a Civil Engineering Company and an Adjunct Professor at UBC. She has received her PhD in Civil Engineering from UBC, followed by a Postdoctoral fellowship at sustainable infrastructure research group. 
She has always been passionate about arts, music and teaching. She herself started learning music at an early age, and continued her learnings by taking advanced music theory and solfege lessons. Negar has been a member of various choir ensembles around the world and is currently the director of Hoorava Persian Choir and the co-founder of MusicGives philanthropic foundation in Vancouver. 
Above all Negar is a mother of a 7 years old boy who is the main reason she cofounded Roshana.

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Co-Founder and Co-Director

Houra Loghmani

Houra is one of the co-founders of Roshana School along side Nasim and Negar, long time friends. In her academic career, Houra received her PhD in Molecular Medicine from Germany, followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the department of Medicine at The University of British Columbia (UBC). Currently she is a Senior Scientist working in the field of Cancer Therapeutics. 
Houra is passionate about art and teaching and has earned a diploma in Teaching from TMU in Iran in addition to a certificate in Arts & Crafts from Newcastle College in UK. She has also worked in several institutes and charities, where she taught lessons in art, science and English to children. Her main hobbies are traveling, reading, and taking part in social events.

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What We Offer

Roshana is a Persian immersion educational program for children. Roshana classes, workshops, events and educational materials are designed to teach language and culture through art, music and creativity.
We offer online and in-person classes.

Our Classes

We offer the following classes:

Farsi Alphabet (الفبا)
Farsi Phonics ( آواورزی)
Advanced Farsi (فارسی پیشرفته)
Kids Bookclub (کارگاه کتابخوانی)
Tale and Paint (قصه و نقاشی)
Kids Nutrition (بشقاب رنگی) 
Science & Crafting (دنیای من)
Yoga for Kids (یوگای کودک)
Song & Music (آوای کودکانه)
Children's Choir (کر کودکان)
Parent & Tot (کودک و والد)

Our Stats

Roshana has been in business since 2018. We currently offer 15 courses with the help of 10 professional instructors.

Roshana has been growing continuously and is currently collaborating with the Farsi Dar BC campaign to offer Farsi as a second language, among the multitude of other language options, in BC schools. If you are interested in Collaborating or partnering with Roshana please contact us.

Why Roshana

Our mission is to make learning Persian language enjoyable and memorable for the younger Persian-Canadian generation, and we try to do so, by using valuable elements of the rich Iranian culture and customs. Our class curricula are integrated with art and plenty of play and creativity. We believe through our curricula and activities, children enjoy putting their Farsi skills into use through  interaction with one another and the instructors.

Our Curriculum 

Roshana school Inc. is an educational institution following the goal of introducing and maintaining the Persian Language and culture to children through art, literature, and creativity. Roshana follows play-based and arts-based educational methods covered within the language immersion approach. Roshana offers classes that can be grouped in three main categories of creative and informative education, Literacy, and music oriented.

Creative and informative classes cover a range of topics from visual arts, crafts, drama, nutrition, physical, and mental health for children. In these classes, children will gather in circles around desks and/or mats and will use basic to zero equipment such as visual arts mediums (paint, brush, crayons, etc.), clay, elastic bands, basic kid-friendly kitchen equipment.
In Literacy classes children in small groups sit with the teacher around desks and will use notebooks, books, white boards, posters, and flash cards.

In Music classes, children will learn various music-related topics. The classes involve sing alongs with the use of children musical instruments and piano.

What Our Clients Say

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